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Gravity Forms

Almost A Million WordPress Sites Are Already Using Gravity Forms. Is Yours?

  • Build Complex & Powerful Contact Forms in Just Minutes
  • No Programming Knowledge Required

Form Builder
Build & design forms, select fields, configure options, embed forms on your WordPress powered sites using the built-in tools
Form Builder - GravityForms


Form Fields
Standard Fields: Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, Drop Down, Number, Checkboxes, Multiple Choice (Radio Button), Hidden Field, HTML, Section Break and Page Break fields.
Advanced Field: Name, Date, Time, Phone, Address, Website, Email, File Upload and CAPTCHA Fields.
Post Field: Title, Body, Excerpt, Tags, Category, Image and Custom Fields.
Pricing Field: Product, Option, Quantity, Shipping, Donation and Total Fields.
Form Fields - GravityForms


Conditional Logic
Configure to show or hide fields, sections, pages, submit button
Conditional Logic - GravityForms


Order Forms
Primary pricing fields used to generate the order total.
Add options field for your product (can impact the total price).
Predefined shipping methods (also impact the total price).
Total fields display the total for the order based on pricing field selections.
PayPal add-on to integrate order form with PayPal payment system.
Order Forms - GravityForms


Entry Management
Configure the entry list table by selecting which columns are displayed.
View each entry in detail and see the information submitted.
Easily edit entry detail.
Export selected entry data to a CSV file.
Entry Management - GravityForms


Receive notification via email when a form is submitted (built-in routing option routes notification to a specific member of the team based on form selections).
Send an instant, one-time auto-responder message to the user submitting the form.
Insert form data to notification emails.
Design and manage the content of notification emails.
Notifications - GravityForms


Manipulate form data before the form is displayed (such as adding drop down items dynamically or pre-populating field values) .
Manipulate the entry data when the user submits the form (such as integrating with third party systems and dynamic notification routing).
Customize certain elements within the gravity forms administration tool.
Integrated plugins for role management.
Customization - GravityForms


Style & Layout
Target every element directly by a class name, unique ID or by using CSS inheritance.
Define additional class names in order to apply additional custom styles.
Pre-defined CSS ready classes.
Layout & Styling - GravityForms


WordPress Integration
Manage forms & entries directly from WordPress dashboard.
Support shortcodes.
Use built-in function call to display forms.
Add & display forms using built-in  widget.
Turn forms into a user-generated content machine.
Create forms for user registration.
Customize forms using WordPress hooks and filters.
WordPress Integration - GravityForms

Buy - Button

Unlimited Forms
Unlimited Entries
Export Entries
Spam Protection
1 Year Support*

1 Site

3 Sites
Basic Form Add-Ons (AWeber, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Picatcha)

Unlimited Sites
WordPress Multi-Site
Priority Support
Basic Form Add-Ons (AWeber, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Picatcha)
Advanced Form Add-Ons (Authorize.Net, Coupons, Freshbooks, PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Pro, Paypal pro, Polls, Quiz, Signature, Survey, Twillo, User Registration, Zapier)


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